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Yogi Wajahat

Yogi Wajahat is a Fitness Trainer at Zicon. It’s an honor for Zicon to have Yogi Wajahat joining hands with us in the light of the common purpose we have: “To help people excel in all domains of life”. Yogi Wajahat’s down to earth personality yet having extraordinary skills and incomparable expertise makes him Stand Out from the Crowd!

Yogi Wajahat is a Mechanical Engineer by profession but his passion and natural aptitude for yoga has brought him to where he is today. He is an exceptionally hardworking and dedicated person with a kind heart and empathy towards others.

He also went abroad to learn the different aspects of Yoga and Ayurveda. Yogi Wajahat started teaching and passing the knowledge by opening an institute by name of “Yogi Wajahat Institute”in 2002 and worked as CEO. Yogi Wajahat has been practicing and teaching Hata and Raja yoga. He is also affiliated with many renowned companies in various capacities.

He is also a pioneer of a yoga based television program in Pakistan, since 2002 telecasted on Indus TV. Today, apart from hosting, producing and directing the longest running commercial television show, he also delivered countless lectures on yoga in Pakistan and abroad, and he still continues to grow in prominence and fame.

Another important discovery he made from his research into yoga was the discovery of evidence which contradicts our currently accepted belief about yoga. While yoga is believed to have originated from India, yet in his research, he found that yoga is actually from Moenjo-Daro, Sindh, Pakistan. This discovery, he argues proves that yoga has its heritage in Pakistan, and as such our country should be given patent rights over yoga across the globe.

Wajahat argues that he has provided evidence to many websites, which have changed the origin from India to Pakistan. He has also provided the evidence to the President of Pakistan and Pakistan Army, with the Army having published an article of yoga as a gift from Pakistan to the world.

He is also a trained Hypnotherapist, a NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) practitioner, Reiki Master, and yoga therapist. He conducts workshops, lectures, and trainings on yoga for general public, corporate sector and Armed Forces in different cities of Pakistan.

His expertise as a Trainer includes Stress Management, Staying young and healthy through Yoga, By Pass the By Pass, Weight Loss, Yoga for kids, Joint Pains Management, Meditation and the Art of Breathing and Yoga for senior citizens.

Awards & Certificates

  • Founder – Toy Foundation Pakistan.
  • Committee Member – Consumer Association Of Pakistan.
  • Team Member – National Forum for Environment & Health.
  • Vice President – PCDU (Primary Care Diabetic Foot Ulcer Welfare Association).
  • Vice President – CSR CLUB KARACHI.
  • Director Technical Support – The Body Alignment Company.
  • A Friend at Children Cancer Hospital.
  • Member – Pakistan Sri Lanka Friendship Society.
  • Certified Trainer from Learning Minds Group.
  • Certification – NLP Practitioner from Institute of Mind Sciences.
  • Award of Excellence on 4th Dimension (1999).
  • Gold Medal on Yoga Work (2003).
  • Pride of performance on 4th Dimension by Institute of Mind Sciences (2004).
  • Achievement Award by Fankaar Log Hyderabad (2005).
  • Awarded Pakistan Style Award by Indus TV network (2007).
  • Awarded The Guru of Yoga in Pakistan by Pakistan Yoga Council (2016).